• Parent create the tasks kids need to complete in a tracker (Bernard must clean the table)

* Which kid (Kid1, kid2, ... or All) (how do we create one task for both ?) (cat go itemlist)
* Moment of the day (Before breakfast, After School, ...) (cat go itemlist)
* Periodicity (every day, once a week (which day ?), once a month (which day?)) (not sure)

During the day, when a kid complete the task he can mark it as done. (I cleaned the table) (checkbox on the trackeritem)
During the day the parent can review the task list and validate a task has been done. (the table is clean) (checkbox on the trackeritem)

  • By the end of the day we save and store an evaluation of the day in another tracker (list execute)

* Number of existing checkbox for the day for the kid - checkbox the kid marked = difference
* Number of existing checkbox for the day for the kid - checkbox the kid marked - checkbox the parent marked = difference
* Having points per task (basic=1, harder=2)... or appreciation of the task done.
* Instead of a checkbox the parent has a 1 to 5 appreciation dropdown (perfect, good, service minimum, must be improved, nothing was done)
* Something else, Percentage ?

  • Should be printable with or displayable to the kid with his picture (today I did => well, bad, etc )

  • After this is done we reset all the check boxes (list execute)

* We keep the task (no need to rewrite them every day)
* We don't load the database (we could have daily duplicate and keep the previous items))

Periodicity is still annoying...
It should be possible to create a tracker per periodicity:

  • Daily tasks => Every day tasks
  • Weekly tasks => Every week tasks (a day selector is added)
  • Monthly task => Every month task (a day selector and a week selection is added) (first week of the month, second week of the month, etc)

Would it be possible to improve the way to works by using tracker calendar ?

How to manage task details

  • Tidy up your room (is not good enough we need a how to clean the room)

* Gather object and put them in their place
* Ventilate the room
* Dress up your bed
* Clean your desk
* Empty the trash
* ...

This sub-task or task details should be reusable (empty the trash is common)
Where this sub task should be stored ?
Same tracker with a "sub-task of" dropdown (meaning the dropdown will display all task - interface problem)
An additional tracker "sub-task" with an item link (duplication of things, complexity added to do the rewards math... and more)

Additional ideas:

  • Requirement list (spray, where it is stored | brush, where it is stored, etc)
  • people component of a household
  • Shopping delivery (take cares of)
  • Gardening
  • Laundry
  • Basic and usefull information ?
  • Emergency informations (who to call, what to do, emergency phone numbers)
  • If I'm hurt
  • If someone seems threatening me
  • Exercise (sport ?)
  • How to fix (battery for the remote, etc)
  • Budget (I want to buy something that cost x)... too complicate
  • Reminders => Calendar and events... making it too complicate (all mobile have a calendar)
  • ?