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This app will help small/medium companies, teams, associations and organisms to create, curate and share privately or publicly large amount of information, documentations, files, images, audio or video content. With advanced collaborative authoring tools and in documents search capability, with several levels of permissions, with notifications and discussions features, this app comes ready to run a Wikipedia like site, a products information and support website, a medical and technical portal and many more.

/monthly cost*

Order and start working
  • Documents and files storage and distribution
  • Forums, discussions and comments per item
  • Custom data management feature (Trackers)
  • Geolocation and Map feature (Google® map ready)
  • Multilingual and translation complete system
  • Stagging and submission approval management
  • History, rollback and versions control
  • Copyright and contributors mangement tools
  • Watches and notifications on event(edit or delete)
  • Advanced search (compatible ElasticSearch)
  • Tags key-wording functionality
  • Printing and PDF creation tools
  • Wiki and WYSIWYG editing tools
  • Users management and groups (roles)
  • Permission per features, categories or object
  • Usage and action log and reports
  • 12 month hosting and setup with SSL certificate
  • Graphic template adaptation (10h)
  • Online guide and training session (1h)
  • Web monitoring, backup and free support (12h)
Web App Renewal /monthly cost*
    • Third party services renewal
    • Tiki Maintenance
    • Tiki Upgrades
    • 1h support per month
    • Website Monitoring
    • Daily Backups

Contact me to order this web app or ask questions and we'll schedule a meeting. I'll help you to organise and I'll publish your website contributing effectively and smoothly on the way to your success. 😉

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