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Quick Source specializes in all projects related to information systems integrating the use of new technologies. From consulting and defining architecture to Operational Maintenance, our expertise encompasses all of a company's IT needs. Since 2006, Quick Source has built a team of 55 experienced consultants and completed over 260 projects. Quick Source has been dedicated to PHP solutions since its inception and holds extensive experience serving both SMEs and major European enterprises utilizing PHP. We leverage our expertise and know-how to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Last year, Quick Source expanded its breadth of expertise to include Tiki Wiki CMS. Bernard Sfez, a Tiki admin and expert since 2004, joined the company. He is a prominent figure in the Tiki ecosystem, having served as a release manager for several years, published YouTube tutorials, provided Tiki consultancy and support, among other contributions. With his profound knowledge in all the technologies involved in the Tiki project (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Smarty, CSS, etc.), Quick Source is the natural candidate to ensure the success of any Tiki-based European project.

The Tiki project and software initiative started in 2002 and they were more than 100 versions released.
Based on a Wiki model to manage unstructured data, it has evolved into a structured model data with many functionalities contributed into this Open Source framework by companies or individuals This web based software generator, allow to develop and deploy at low cost tailored micro applications. It is based on recognized technologies (PHP, MySQL, Javascript ElasticSearch, Smarty, Bootstrap, etc) as well as innovative and relatively new technologies (Rubix AI, VueJS, Manticore search, Cypth, etc).

The software has been designed to ease edition and creation of documents and reports for individual or team focusing on collaboration and teamwork with an additional control layer to manage permissions and approval functions. Tiki has key components to embed and process external data should they come from feeds, files or API turning Tiki into a perfect companion for Wiki or Knowledge base solution connected and processing external data.

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Presentation of the Tiki project

Tiki project is not only a software, it is a full eco-system including a community and its own management.

  • What is the Tiki project
  • Tiki features out-of-the-box
  • Tiki options and management tools
  • Tiki unparalleled expandability
  • Overview of the Tiki Software
  • Quick Source Enterprise Grade Services
  • More about Quick Source Tiki solutions

What is the Tiki project

The mission of the Tiki Software Community Association is to foster the development of the free and Open Source software, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, and to promote the free use of this software by all who can benefit, particularly individuals, groups, and organizations for whom online collaboration will strengthen their communities and facilitate achieving their goals together.

In essence the Tiki project is made of:

  • A software
  • A collegial leaded association (Project admins)
  • A coders collaborative efforts (Developers)
  • An Open Source community (Users, Developers and Admins)

Tiki features out-of-the-box

Tiki is an all-in-one solution (no 3rd party plugin). It can be deployed on a local intranet or internet (online or offline) and allow quick publishing and comes with ready to use solutions for:

Tiki options and management tools

Tiki features work together and multiple and flexible components allow control interoperability.

Tiki comes with a long list of System preferences and Security preferences (and tools) but also with a Users and Content management tools as well as a complete Multilingual and Translation feature.

Tiki is a no-code/low-code web framework able to interact directly with database values.
For exemple, through the Tiki Trackers the users can build cards using defined various type of fields (text, date, list, files and category field as well as relational fields) and assemble datas to most of the others Tiki features. Trackers types of fields are various and include relational fields (itemlink, itemList, username, user preferences, etc.) and advanced like Mathematical and Mailbox.

Dedicated plugins with templates, search and paginations tools allows to configure a multilingual interfaces to display the content. Advanced Import and Export tools allows third party data acquisition and the process can be automatized with a Scheduler.

Combining Trackers and the wiki makes Tiki a Structured Wiki software.

Realestates Sample Kindergarten Sample Article Sample2 Knowledge Sample2 Knowledge Sample1

Tiki unparalleled expandability

These robust features are capable of seamless interaction and data exchange both internally and externally through APIs, Feeds, or HTTPS authentication. Tiki core and file structure allows code customization without compromising the core functionalities. But there is more !

Design every facet of your solution to precisely match your requirements, addressing every detail and incorporating even the most intricate functionalities to seamlessly align with your organization's or team's needs. Whether integrating new technologies, refining existing features, or pioneering entirely novel ones, you have the freedom to expand and innovate for the future.

  • File structure are modular including custom files
  • Fully compatible with Smarty 5 (templating)
  • Fully compatible with Bootstrap5 (mobile)
  • Tiki is open source

Tiki enables precise adjustment of its features and screen displays, allowing for extensive customization.

New innovations are continuously integrated and function across levels for educational and scientific projects.

Overview of the Tiki Software

Quick Source Enterprise Grade Services

Interest in the Open Source model is on the rise among government and institutional organizations.
Quick Source steps forward to offer a high level of service and fulfill Enterprise Grade requirements.


  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Data Safety
  3. Reliability
  4. High Availability
  5. Scalability
  6. Performance
  7. Compliance
  8. Maintenance
  9. Cost-Effectiveness

Quick Source answer

  • Stringent security protocols and asset monitoring
  • Open Source code, tested and supported worldwide
  • Disaster recovery plans and tested remote backup routines
  • Extensively tested technologies, 0 reliance on third-party plugins
  • Ongoing library upgrades, aligned with Tiki's 8-month release cycle
  • Deployment of selected IT Admins and replicable infrastructure
  • Unlimited hosting services and expandability of Tiki for future needs
  • Careful solution selection and engagement of a specialized team.
  • Adherence to institutional regulations and governmental requirements
  • Comprehensive documentation and compatibility with multiple formats
  • Proactive user support and incident management procedures
  • Monitoring systems, event tracking, and provision of monthly reports
  • Cost control through annual budgeting, inclusive of future development

Thank you !