Test Migration plugin ListExecute

  {filter field="tracker_id" content="5"}
  {filter type="trackeritem"}
  {filter field="tracker_field_status" content="Query"}
  {filter field="tracker_field_querySent" content="NOT y"}
  {column label="Status" field="thestatus" mode="raw"}
  {column label="Film Name" field="name"}
  {column label="To" field="email_to"}
{FORMAT(name="thestatus")}{display name="tracker_field_status"}{FORMAT}
{FORMAT(name="name")}{display name="tracker_field_filmName"}{FORMAT}
{FORMAT(name="email_to")}{display name="tracker_field_filmerEmail" default=""}{FORMAT}

        {step action="tracker_item_modify" field="querySent" value="y"}
        {step action="email" subject="Boombox Caerdydd" content_field="email_content" to_field="tracker_field_filmerEmail"}
Dear {display name="tracker_field_filmName"},

We need some further information from you:
 Thank you for your interest in Boombox Caerdydd. Its great that you’d like to
 take part.
 [clear and explicit question 1]
 [clear and explicit question 2]
 [clear and explicit question 3 ...]

 If you are no longer interested in taking part, please let me know by return.

Thank you.
Best wishes,
[Staff Name]
 Bla bla bla
 [staff name]
[Company name]
 [Company informations]
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