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Password, Passkey, Access, Login and Credentials why ?

Bernard Sfez Sunday 10 May, 2015

While there are plans to move the identification method to the next level using a Microchip implemented under our skin passwords are now a part of our (must of us) life. I wrote life and not digital life because there is no more such thing.

Realize that your family, personal, business and financial life is protected by a few strings of characters. So (big) yes good password is important no matter how poisoning it is to manage them. Manage them because it is important to change them from time to time, important to have a password for every thing, or at least a password for a group of lock, important to take the time and not try to avoid complication by bypassing simple security practice.

As always I'll try to Keep It Simple Stupid using a handy guide published by the F-Secure team that will help you to improve your every day security to protect privacy and business assets.

Pass Strategy