After settling down, some rest and coffee (or beers for some) we couldn’t really wait and started to discuss organisation, goals and possible strategies for the short term but also strategic discussion concerning the 5 next years.

Having in mind Tiki19 that will be released before the end of the year, we reviewed the bootstrap4 integration, discussed fixes and how to complete integration of new features that were added. Improve the user experience and the admin experience. We discussed about the things we can improve to better communicate with the community and to improve the user experience with the tools we have at

We talk about WikiSuite strategy and reviewed the awesome improvement that were made by the team and the ClearOs community.

For the anecdote, just before I left home one of my server literally burnt including both of the RAID volumes. Using database backup and files I set up in less than an hour a complete new WikiSuite server I had on my desk from scratch. And I repeat, I set up. I didn’t copy or restore it. I mean a real new installation with all versions are new and system files like tiki files are fresh. After changing the Name Server at my registrar sites and data were online and distributed.

If I return back to 10 or 5 years I would have to cancel my flights and let my customers and users in the dark for at least a full day.

Thanks to all the investment and our hard work, we the good people of the open source community !

We also shared our last 6 month experiences and demonstrate a few configurations and works that could interest other visitors. We discussed about the WikiSuite, the ongoing TeamDRC integration and training. This experience to setup a cooperation project with students in partnership with education system of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is really thrilling and we all have great hopes with it.

That’s it for this very short update.
I will do a longer video to summarise the Tikifest but I though it would be nice to have some flash news like this.

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See you soon.
Bernard from Montreal, Canada… the small blue planet left to venus