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Hello internet i'm Bernard Sfez a Tiki Specialist

We started a mini series of tutorials  about troubleshooting Tiki. Previously we've seen together how to check the server settings. Now we  will check together Tiki settings.
So let's start on the brand new Tiki. I will go to settings control panel and the first thing i would like to do is to change this basic setting to the advanced setting. Now that's not enough. I need to set this as my default. Let's start by adding some feature like trackers, forum. I don't know... Newsletter. Yeah that's good enough I apply. 

We have a tool in Tiki in the profiles that help to understand what was changed. If i go to Profiles, tab Export I can see the actual Tiki preferences. Now if you look carefully you can see which feature were not activated or disabled by default with this the little 'n' (no) - (y = yes) and what was changed. There, in bold as you can see, feature Trackers, etc...

Another thing that will  be very important to do now that we are here is also to check things like the System Log and the System Cache, so clear all cache when something is not going as you expected, do that first.

Another thing that we we've seen there going back to the settings control panel is the the system log, okay? Now my log is very limited and nothing very abnormal here, but you may found database error, or some warning about a setting that is not performing as expected.

So i hope you enjoyed the video. If yes and if you learned something, please you know what to do smash the like button subscribe share in your social network.

I'll see you next month for a next Tiki Express Video Tutorial.
Bye bye