Tiki Wiki Specialist

I’m the author of the Tiki Express Tutorials where I publish regularly new video to help other users and I publish articles about Tiki Support in my blog and notes.

Providing an effective support I help users and customers to master the power of Tiki Wiki, the web application builder. Benefit from my experience and my management skills to allow quick deployment and let me help to organise and define realistic roadmap that lead to project success.

A Tiki Wiki site can be published very quickly simple but powerful features like Blogs or Forums. But the real power reside in using together the advanced features like Trackers, CustomSearch, Tiki Shopping Cart, etc. Those features together with tools and technologies like unified index, Rating & Calculation fields, Smarty Templates or ElasticSearch can be used to build very powerful and complex data management system.

My services covers the needs of small/medium sized enterprises or associations to create, support, update and maintain a Tiki Wiki solution. Fullstack developer, I have a long experience in users training and support as well as in troubleshooting and optimising servers and database settings for your Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware solution. On shared hosting, dedicated or cloud server, I improve settings and security, review existing installs, help with minor version update or Long Term Service version upgrade. My skills allow me to offer migration service to move your content from other CMS/ERP to Tiki Wiki.

I'm a member of the Development team since 2004 and I was Release Coordinator for several years. Knowing well Tiki Wiki and freelance, I provide support services and help admins to update or upgrade from any old versions to the last. I’m an Admin of the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (Open Source) and I work actively to organise the community, organise the QA and the coordination of this huge project (hundreds of commits each month from hundreds of developers around the world). I’m a Tiki Wiki Specialist and my knowledge can help your organisation to setup a successful project using Tiki Wiki!