Among noticeable new features and options:

  1. Addons, a way of packaging Profiles, Smarty Templates and other building blocks.
  2. Structures, structure can be locked, new 'wiki structure' section has been created in the permission tables.
  3. Temporary User Accounts, temporary users can log via an autologin URL that is associated with a Token and validity set by the admin.
  4. Upload and download translations, it is possible to upload translation files from the user interface.
  5. Unified index improvements, extra information have been exposed at the Unified Index for the features than take profit of it like the Stored Search and similar.
  6. ViewerJS support has been added which will allow your site to easily display embedded PDF documents, as well as presentations, spreadsheets and other documents.
  7. Look and Feel: custom LESS section
    1. Custom LESS preference, a textarea on control-panels/look & feel/customisation where you can add LESS definitions that then recompiles into your css theme.
    2. Look and Feel: custom LESS section, which allows to set base parameters for colors and other css properties.
  8. Wiki Plugins, new or improved plugins:
    1. Plugin Data Channel improved. This plugin allows to use a manual template in a profile requests.
    2. Plugin FullWidthTitle, creates a full page width title. You can use your own tpl file for the styling...
    3. Plugin Like, allows users to assign a like button to particular objects, as seen on many social networking sites.
    4. Plugin List, can be used with tablesorter.
    5. Plugin Tour, a quick and easy way to build your product tours or tutorials.
    6. Plugin Tracker, plugin tracker's transaction feature enables a sequence of trackers to be chained into a single transaction.
    7. Plugin UserInGroup, check whether a specific user is in a designated Group and to display defined text for either case.
    8. Plugin XMLUpdate, allows multiple elements of an XML file stored in a File Gallery to be updated.
  9. AutoTOC mini-revamp, feature updated to use Bootstrap ScrollSpy.
  10. Content templates can be categorised and locked so that access to individual templates can be restricted to designated Groups.
  11. Customise mail templates, newsimple 'preference' setting to be sure your custom mail templates are not overwritten when the site is upgraded.
  12. File Gallery Batch Upload, improvements and new options to organise files according to subdirectories and create missing ones.
  13. File Gallery Upload, new preference to enable a new jQuery File Upload interface allowing drag and drop, multiple file uploads, progress bars etc.
  14. Multilike, expands on the like functionality to allow users to provide more qualitative feedback to the system.
  15. Newsletters, counters have now been added when sending Newsletters, which is useful when sending newsletters with a large subscriber list.
  16. Remote Tiki Autologin, users from another Tiki are allowed to login to this Tiki using their credentials there.
  17. Score, all the points system was reworked in Tiki15.
  18. Social Networks with Linkedin, allow users to log into LinkedIn as they can with Facebook.
  19. Time Ago Date Formatting, optional fuzzy date formatting throughout Tiki, such as "Last modified 5 minutes ago" or "Created 2 months ago" etc.

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