So how could you know when you have to update ?

While some of today’s app have their own internal push update/upgrade they may be not "authorized" to proceed. Annoying and too often displayed alert make us the user angry and it happens that you ask to stop to be disturbed by an alert every two days. Some other just wait for you to check if a new update is available and other doesn’t even offer a mechanism to check if there is a new update at the developper repository. You have to read or stay informed (newsletter are still relevant) from times to times.

What about common sense ? Yes, the most important message of this article.

Courtesy of Blue Coat
Courtesy of Blue Coat

People, when you are not expecting someone to send you a link or a file, just don’t click or open it. Just don’t !
Don’t be paranoid, just go the safe way. And if the text or the message is tricky just ask the sender "what is this" ?
If it is a virus or a hack you just alerted someone.
If it is legit you will know it is for you and what it is.