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Article Are DoS attacks just crashing or disrupt your service on the internet ? From what we are monitoring DoS denial of service (also named DDoS - distributed denial of service) attack are the most usual weapon in the worldwide and middle-east scene. It is cheap, easy to set up
Article Drupal modules vulnerability, THE third party plugins issue (again) Drupal is calling upon its users to patch a dangerous remote code execution hole that can easily let attackers hijack sites. The content management system has some 15 million downloads, compared to Wo
Article It is time to update your Tiki ! (Tiki 16.1, 15.3 and 12.10 released) A new breed of Tiki has been released a week ago and the Tiki Community urge every user to update as it solve critical security issues. LTS (Long Term Services) versions are concer
Article Magento and Joomla RCE vulnerability endangering the platforms and their servers. A critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability has been found and confirmed on the e-commerce platform (owned by eBay) Magento. The vulnerability is affecting hundreds of thousands of online mer
Article Online safety and privacy (explained to children) Father of 2 teenagers with their own smartphones, I am concerned about privacy issues and their online safety. Between this hyper-connectivity and the constan
Article Password, Passkey, Access, Login and Credentials why ? While there are plans to move the identification method to the next level using a Microchip implemented under our skin passwords are now a part of our (must of us) life. I wrote life and not digital l
Article Security and bug-fix updates: Tiki 17.1, Tiki 16.3, 15.5 and Tiki 12.12 released! The Tiki Community has released updates to all supported branches of the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware project. These updates address several vulnerabilities found in Tiki, as well as bringing miscellan
Article Security update: Tiki 15.2, Tiki 14.4 and Tiki 12.9 released! The Tiki Community has released updates to all current versions of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. This update addresses a critical vulnerability found in third-party code that is included with Tiki. The upd
Article Skype being heavily targeted this end of year Skype the popular text, voice and video communicator has being targeted several time on several platform since October 2016. If you were on Windows and Android it is now several weeks you are urged
Article Using unique password is good for your health Online credential stealing this year alone affected millions of users. [https://www.forbes.com/sites/leemathews/2017/12/11/billion-hacked-passwords-dark-web|On the dark web files containing password