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Article Banners feature in Tiki In this video I’ll show you; How to enable the banners feature in Tiki How to set up a simple banner on a page I’ll show you where are the banners stats for admins and use
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Article Fixes and tips after upgrading from Tiki Wiki version 24 to Tiki 25 After we enjoyed a very solid Tiki24 with tested and improved features the Tiki Wiki team planned and started adding many additions or critical and complex up
Article It is time to update your Tiki ! (Tiki 16.1, 15.3 and 12.10 released) A new breed of Tiki has been released a week ago and the Tiki Community urge every user to update as it solve critical security issues. LTS (Long Term Services) versions are concer
Article Le temps est venu de mettre à jour votre Tiki (Tiki 16.1, 15.3 et 12.10) Une nouvelle génération de Tiki a été publié il y a une semaine et la Communauté Tiki inviter les utilisateurs à mettre à jour pour palier à un risque de sécurité critique. Les versions LTS
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Article Trackers Feature in #Tiki In this Tiki Express Tutorial I’ll talk about one of main the feature in Tiki , the Trackers . I’ll explain what is the Trackers feature I’ll