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Tiki Express Tutorials, notes or security related informations.
A good part is related to Tiki Wiki, the complete web application builder.
Other are related to the technologies used with my ready-to-use Web Applications.

Install Tiki Wiki from Git, Virtualmin and Debian 10 on AWS EC2 instance

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

A short summary of the complete setup from a fresh install to publish a Tiki website online using Virtualmin, Git and MariaDB.
I’ll explain how to setup your server, install Webmin and Virtuamin control panel, update MariaDB, install multiple version of PHP, setup and use Git, set an SSL certificat and setup a Tiki website online.

Automate tasks and let Tiki do the work

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

We have noticed that too many people are wasting time copying cells, tables, and fighting to fit them into a document that needs to be converted to PDF, and then finally sent. This is one example but it is the same for working time calculations, overdue payments or subscriptions, keeping up with daily health declarations (due to Covid-19 regulations), etc. With my Tiki solutions, you can automate tasks and the program will calculate, compile, notify users, change item status (expiration), create reports, and more. Leaving you more time to get other things done! Tiki, the web application generator, the web application generator is totally configurable with dozens of tools. It is able to import your existing data, allows you to curate it, works perfectly with mobile, and is multilingual. We value your time! Let Tiki do the work and use your free time to do more for your business, increase your time management, and quality of life. Contact me for more information.