To Install Tiki Wiki on Lightsail with a Debian Linux instance with Virtualmin read this article.

 Setup order
To avoid having to tweak the Virtualmin DNS Options and DNS parameters it is advised to setup first your Linux instance, Set the statis IP, then setup Virtualmin.

To configure a static IP address for your Lightsail instance, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AWS console.
  2. Navigate to Services, then Lightsail, and select the instance you wish to manage by clicking on its name.
  3. Choose the "Networking" tab, where you'll find a panel displaying the option to "Attach static IP."
  4. Click on this option and provide a name for your attached IP connection, such as "StaticIp-domainname."
  5. Save the changes. Your instance will now be associated with this static IP, allowing you to point one or multiple domains to it.
  6. Reboot your instance

By following these steps, your Lightsail instance will have a fixed IP address, simplifying domain management within Virtualmin and ensuring reliable access to your server.

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