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Article Administration tips in Tiki (Video Tutorial) My name is Bernard Sfez and I’m a Tiki specialist . In this Tiki Express tutorial I'll give you the maximum tips I can about
Article Banners feature in Tiki In this video I’ll show you; How to enable the banners feature in Tiki How to set up a simple banner on a page I’ll show you where are the banners stats for admins and use
Article Basic Tiki Customisation In this Tiki Express Tutorial we will view together how to set up your Tiki after the install. In this video I'll show you: Set up the sender email, How to set up your website name, Set the dat
Wiki Compétences clés et portefeuille clients
Article Contact Management in Tiki using Trackers In this Tiki Express Tutorial about Tiki , the Trackers , we’ll create a main tracker and we'll link 2 trackers together. I’ll show you how to use
Article Dépannage de Tiki Wiki, les paramètres et options Dans ce didacticiel Tiki Express, j'explique comment dépanner les paramètres Tiki à l'aide des onglets d'exportation de profiles, des journaux "log" Tiki et comment vider les caches.
Article Features and options in Tiki There is in Tiki an insane number of features and only a few are activated by default.It is up to the Tiki Admin to enable more if needed and to configure them. On this Tiki Express Tutorial done usin
Article File Galleries feature in Tiki (Video Tutorial) My name is Bernard Sfez and I’m a Tiki specialist . In this Tiki Express tutorial I'll talk about the
Article Fixes and tips after upgrading from Tiki Wiki version 24 to Tiki 25 After we enjoyed a very solid Tiki24 with tested and improved features the Tiki Wiki team planned and started adding many additions or critical and complex up
Article Flash from Montreal Tikifest 2018 (day1) Today I’m live from the 2018 Montreal WikiSuite unconference that this year is sided with the Tikifest. Yesterday we kind of regroup with all the member of the project and the Tiki community that
Article Fonctionnalité des catégories Tiki Wiki Dans ce tutoriel Tiki Express, nous verrons ensemble comment activer Tiki Categories , comment utiliser des catégories pour regrouper des objets, comment l'utiliser a
Article Free Tiki open consulting - Thursday, the 18th of June, from 14:00 UTC I organise a short chat providing free information and consulting about Tiki Wiki this Thursday. You are warmly invited to a live two-hour session with a Tiki specialist who will be available to talk
Article How install Tiki Wiki after PHP8 is installed by Virtualim PHP8 is coming and developers of major softwares like Tiki started to rewrite and adapt code that will be released in the future stable versions. It is already included in the last
Article How to Bootstrap a Tiki In this Tiki Express Tutorial will review together; The basic about theme, CSS modules, Look and Feel panel. We'll review the different ways I'll give to bootstrap a Tiki. How I do using the wi
Article How to redirect anonymous to your great 404 page in Tiki For another member of the Tiki community I did a quick video to answer his question : How do you redirect to a more "Jedi" 404 (that’s was his words ;)) ? I answered doing this quick video and th
Article Install Tiki Wiki from Git, Virtualmin and Debian 10 on AWS EC2 instance A short summary of the complete setup from a fresh install to publish a Tiki website online using Virtualmin, Git and MariaDB. I’ll explain how to setup your server, install Webmin and Virtuamin co
Article It is time to update your Tiki ! (Tiki 16.1, 15.3 and 12.10 released) A new breed of Tiki has been released a week ago and the Tiki Community urge every user to update as it solve critical security issues. LTS (Long Term Services) versions are concer
Article Le temps est venu de mettre à jour votre Tiki (Tiki 16.1, 15.3 et 12.10) Une nouvelle génération de Tiki a été publié il y a une semaine et la Communauté Tiki inviter les utilisateurs à mettre à jour pour palier à un risque de sécurité critique. Les versions LTS
Article New Unified Admin Backend in Tiki In this Tiki Express Tutorial we'll see together the new Unified Admin Backend that has been introduced in Tiki23. I will also show you how to customise your new dashboard and install the default mod
Article Nouveau Backend d'Administration Unifié dans Tiki Dans ce didacticiel Tiki Express, nous verrons ensemble le nouveau Backend d'Administration Unifié qui a été introduit dans Tiki23. Je vous explique également comment personnaliser votre nouveau
Article Optimization advice to reduce memory consumption on a Virtualmin server With Virtualmin installed on your server, running fine and updated regularly it is time to optimise. It is important to keep your system healthy and efficient it is a goo
Article Security and bug-fix updates: Tiki 17.1, Tiki 16.3, 15.5 and Tiki 12.12 released! The Tiki Community has released updates to all supported branches of the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware project. These updates address several vulnerabilities found in Tiki, as well as bringing miscellan
Article Security update: Tiki 15.2, Tiki 14.4 and Tiki 12.9 released! The Tiki Community has released updates to all current versions of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. This update addresses a critical vulnerability found in third-party code that is included with Tiki. The upd
Wiki Technological Skills and portfolio
Article The wiki syntax in Tiki (Video Tutorial) My name is Bernard Sfez and I’m a Tiki specialist . Today in this first tutorial I will explain how to use the [h
Article Tiki 18.2 LTS (long term service) has been released ! Following a first wave of corrections and small improvement from Tiki 18 to 18.1 the Tiki community announced the release a new version for it main flagship. Based on first test and install this ve
Article Tiki and Git, fork and merge request Hello internet I’m Bernard Sfez a Tiki specialist and in this tutorial we'll see together how to work with Tiki and Git the easy way using your fork and creatin
Article Tiki Online Open Hours this Thursday I’ll be the facilitator of the next Tiki Online Open Hours this Thursday, the 31 of January, 2019, from 15:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC Join-us at : https://live.tiki.org It is open and free to everyone
Article Tiki Online Open Hours this Thursday I’ll be online tomorrow Thursday 4 April 2019 from 15h to 17h (utc) to help and answer questions about Tiki. Everyone is welcome to attend, assist or drop by. ;) Meeting place : https://tiki.org
Article Tiki Permissions and Groups In this Express Tutorial So in this Tiki Express tutorial we’ll review together; Why do we need permissions What is a role and how to use Groups How to assign a user to a Group How Tiki a
Article Tiki Roundtable Meeting February 2021 (the summary) We held our monthly meeting yesterday. (the complete recording is (will be) available at https://tiki.org/Roundtable-Meeting-2021-02 This is a quick summary of things you may find interesting, fol
Article Tiki Trackers - ItemLink, ItemList and Dynamic ItemList field types In this video we will review together the differences between very important trackers field types; The ItemLink The ItemList The Dynamic ItemList. I will also demonstrate how to use them. A
Article Tiki Wiki Categories feature In this Tiki Express Tutorial we'll see together how to enable Tiki Categories , how to use categories to group objects, how to use it to with tracker items and Catego
Article Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 15 is beta ! Tiki next LTS (Long Term Service) generation is almost final and is coming out with excellent report of almost none regression nor problem regarding the dozens of [https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki15|new feat
Article Tiki Wiki CMS installation on Amazon Lightsail instance with Debian11, MariaDB, Git and Virtualmin/Webmin control panel This article is an update of a previous one that will exp
Article Tiki Wiki installation on Amazon Lightsail instance with Debian10, MariaDB, Git and Virtualmin Amazon added a cheaper solution to host your Tiki Wiki website , Lightsail and this is a short tutorial to help to create an inst
Article Trackers Feature in #Tiki In this Tiki Express Tutorial I’ll talk about one of main the feature in Tiki , the Trackers . I’ll explain what is the Trackers feature I’ll
Article Troubleshooting Tiki Wiki, Requirements and Server settings In this Tiki Express Tutorial we'll see together where to find Tiki Requirements, how we can display php, mySQL and the servers settings from Tiki23. This is the first of a mini-series to help admin
Article Troubleshooting Tiki Wiki, Tiki settings In this Tiki Express Video Tutorial I explain how to troubleshoot Tiki settings using the Profiles export tabs, Tiki logs and how to clear caches.
Article Virtual TikiFest 2020 The Tiki Community will join together for a Virtual TikiFest June 2020. As it has never been done before, for this virtual TikiFest we are trying a kind of new concept — with no traveling involved,
Article What’s new in Tiki23 - TikiFest Virtual 2021 live sessions Discover the new Tiki23 that will be released very soon and follow this video of the live feed of our Big Blue Button room. From the 2nd to the 5th June 2021 Tiki users and other interested people me